Custom made furniture

Quality hotel furniture made in Canada since 1969

85% is custom-made furniture

Our long track record of manufacturing custom-made furniture, our talented and creative design & engineering team, our proven CAD software and our state-of the-art equipment make JSP a partner of choice to carry out  your project.

We manufacture according to designers’ and architects’ specifications.

Value Engineering

We work closely with our customers to ensure that their concepts can be manufactured and are durable.

JSP can also propose equivalent materials or alternative solutions to offer you best value, while maintaining a high level of quality and appearance.



Our design and engineering staff offer a range of technical assistance services:

For complex projects or cutting edge technical expertise, we work with wood industry research and innovation centers such as FP Innovations & EQMBO.

Personalized JSP collections

We can modify any of our existing collections to meet your specific needs: dimensions, new design ideas, wood species, custom color, design variations… The possibilities are endless.




Brand new design

The JSP team can also create a new design based on your requirements.


We use many species of wood and can incorporate different components like metal, glass, laminate, quartz, upholstery fabrics or any other materials.

We work closely with our suppliers in order to incorporate components that reflect JSP quality.